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What is a Pet Garden Urn?

What is Garden Pet Urn?

What is a pet garden urn?

A pet garden urn is a type of urn specifically designed to be displayed in a garden or outdoor space to hold the ashes of a deceased pet. These urns are often made from durable materials that can withstand outdoor conditions, such as weatherproof metals, stone, ceramic, or composite materials.

Pet garden urns come in a variety of styles, sizes, and designs, allowing you to choose one that resonates with your personal taste and reflects the memory of your beloved pet. Some common features of pet garden urns include decorative engravings, paw prints, animal motifs, or personalized inscriptions.

The purpose of a pet garden urn is to provide a dedicated and visible memorial for your pet, allowing you to keep their ashes close by while also honoring their memory in a meaningful way. By placing the urn in a special spot in your garden, you can create a peaceful and tranquil space for remembrance and reflection.

What are the benefits of choosing a pet garden urn?

You don’t need permission to put your pet’s ashes into a garden urn as you own the urn. As long as you place it somewhere that is safe and secure their ashes will be safe and secure.

They will be secure and dry. A good garden urn should have a place where the ashes can be sealed from the outdoor elements.

You can take them with you if you have to move house. This is the most important factor for me. I sometimes really regret that I will never be able to ‘visit’ my childhood pets as my parents no longer live in that house anymore. A garden urn means that you have a ‘portable memorial‘. You’ll never have to leave them behind.

They are discreet – only you will know what is inside. Obviously if you want to have a stone with engraved names and paw prints that is fabulous! But sometimes you might not want to have to explain to every visitor to your garden about your pet loss. There are great garden urns that will store their ashes and look just like any other garden ornament. You will always know but nobody else has to.

They can make a really special feature in your garden. Our gardens are where we go for solace and joy. To have a pet garden urn which becomes an eye-catching aspect is the perfect way to memorialise your pet. They can become a comforting part of your garden that is ideal for reflection.

You can visit the spot as often as you want/need. It’s wonderful to scatter your pet’s ashes in a spot that you enjoyed to walk but it is worth considering if you’ll always be able to get access. A garden urn will always be there for you to visit.

If you decide that you want to have some memorial jewellery or glassware later on you will still have their ashes. If you bury or scatter all the ashes it is a very final decision and doesn’t allow you to change your mind. This isn’t a wrong thing to do, doing something meaningful with all the ashes can be very releasing. But keeping them in an urn in the garden or home until you’re absolutely sure isn’t a bad idea.

What size of Pet Garden Urn should I get?

When selecting a pet garden urn, consider the size and weight of your pet’s ashes to ensure it will accommodate the entire amount. It’s also a good idea to verify that the materials used in the urn are suitable for outdoor use and will withstand the elements over time.

Ultimately, a pet garden urn can serve as a beautiful tribute to your beloved pet and provide a lasting memorial within your garden or outdoor space.

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