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Keeping Pet Ashes in the Garden

Keeping Pet Ashes in the Garden - The petal

Keeping Pet Ashes in the Garden

Yes, it is perfectly acceptable to keep pet ashes in your garden if you wish to do so. Many people choose to scatter or bury the ashes of their beloved pets in a special spot in their garden as a way to honor and remember them. It can be a meaningful and personal way to create a memorial for your pet.

If you decide to keep the pet ashes in your garden, you might consider the following points:

  1. Choose a location: Select a spot in your garden that holds significance for you and your pet. It could be near a favorite tree, flower bed, or another area that holds special memories.
  2. Container or burial: Decide whether you want to place the ashes in a container or bury them directly in the ground. If you choose to bury them in the ground consider the impact on the soil. Large concentrations of pet ashes increase the soils alkalinity and sodium levels making it difficult for any plant to thrive. If you choose a container, make sure it is weatherproof and resistant to decay. There are special urns available specifically designed for outdoor use. You can see our range of outdoor pet urns here.
  3. Consider local regulations: Check your local regulations or homeowners’ association rules to ensure that keeping pet ashes in your garden is permitted. While it is generally acceptable, some areas may have specific guidelines or restrictions.
  4. Inform others: If you live with family or plan to move from your current residence, it’s important to let others know about the presence of the pet ashes in your garden. This will ensure that future homeowners or gardeners are aware of the memorial and can make informed decisions about it.
  5. Will you find leaving the ashes behind stressful? If so make sure you choose an urn that can be dug up or can move with you.

Remember that the decision to keep pet ashes in your garden is a personal one. It’s important to choose a method that feels right for you and provides a sense of comfort and remembrance.



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