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Fireworks and Pets

Fireworks and Pets

Fireworks and Pets

Fireworks and Pets can be a difficult combination. Personally I love fireworks, I’m that person at the Bonfire Night display ooohing and aaaaring at each pop of colour and sparkle.

On a clear winter’s night I love to wrap up warm and take our sons to an organised display. My favourite firework display is at a local rugby club. The rugby pitch is next to the sea so the fireworks reflect on the water, which is pretty magical.

But before we go out I put the telly on quite loud and make sure that Pumpkin and Midnight (our gorgeous girls) are tucked up on their favourite rug in front of the woodburner.

Dogs and fireworks

Although we don’t currently have a dog (watch this space…), I have been talking to all my lovely doggy friends and asked them for their top tips so here they are:

“Keep them inside”

“Make sure you keep the curtains closed and the telly on.”

“Walk them earlier in the day so that they are nice and tired for the evening.”

“I put one of my old jumpers in the dog basket if we go out to a firework display, she seems to find that comforting.”

What to do if your pet is spooked by fireworks

Some pets do get very stressed by loud noises and you can buy ‘silent’ fireworks if you want to have a display in your own garden without upsetting them. But if a loud firework does frighten your pet them the best thing to do is to let them pace and whine if they need to until they find a place to calm down. It’s not a bad idea to have a den of some kind or a space under the bed or behind a sofa where they can feel safe.

Once they are calm then you can cuddle and stroke to reassure them.

Calming Medication for very stressed pets

If you are worried that your pet is going to be particularly stressed by loud noises during the fireworks season then it might be worthwhile talking to your vet as they can prescribe calming medication.

Alternative Therapies

There are other alternative therapies you can try. Sound therapy is a technique which involves playing videos of firework displays on the TV, increasing the noise gradually until your pet is comfortable with loud volume. Obviously this isn’t a quick method, it takes months of gradual work to decrease the anxiety. One to think about for next year perhaps?






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