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Birthstones by Month: Pet Ashes within Glass

Birthstones by Month

Birthstones by Month

Birthstones by Month. We get asked this question so regularly by customers wanting to choose a memorial jewellery item that I thought I would write up my answer as a blog.

Choosing a colour for your memorial jewellery can be both a difficult and lovely thing, if you have a favourite colour then the choice is simple but many people choose a colour based on the month of their pets birthday, their birthstone.

Here is the list of birthstones by month that might be helpful for you.

January = Garnet, although garnets can come in a wide range of colours it is traditionally a red colour, our antique red is the closest match.

February = Amethyst, this is a beautiful purple colour.

March = Aquamarine, a gorgeous colour and what we base our Aqua coloured glass on.

April = Diamond, a girl’s best friend, not a cheap option but the ashes into diamonds can be faceted which works really wee with more traditional jewellery items.

May = Emerald, a fabulous green and the gem of Venus.

June = Pearl, in the USA the Moonstone is also used.

July = Ruby, a deep red colour.

August = Peridot, a light green, our closest colour is Lime Green

September = Sapphire, a dark blue.

October = Tourmaline or Opal,  tourmaline can often come in a really pretty pink.

November = Topaz, a dusky orange, our amber is closest in shade to this birthstone.

December = Turquoise, a light blue stone.

Because we only work with the most experienced and skilled artisans if you have a colour that you would like for your memorial jewellery just let us know and we will do our best to colour match it for you, please be aware we cannot guarantee an exact match as sometimes we are limited by the colours that are available for mixing.

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