Pet Bereavement Hero Gallery

Pet Bereavement Hero Gallery: We want you to tell us about your beloved pets. We want you to share your photos and stories about what made them so special to you. If you have any advice or comments that you can pass on to others we'd love to hear it. We want to share your stories about the loss of your pet so that we can share it with others who are coping with the loss of their pet.

We all deal with the loss of our beloved pets in a way that is unique as they were. We believe that by sharing ways that have helped us on our bereavement journey we can help others. Do you have a recipe that comforts you when you're feeling sad? Do you have a song that you play to help you through darker days?  What helps you to deal with the grief? Please share it with us so that we can help others.

Each month we will feature one of your stories and a photo of your beloved pet. We want to build a gallery of advice that we can share with others who are going through their own bereavement journey.

To add your story and photo simply fill in the form on our 'Your Story' page and we'll let you know that it's arrived safely. We'll feature on of the most helpful stories each month along with a photo of the beloved pet. As an additional thank you we'll also send you a coupon code that will give you 10% off any order* placed in our shop.

Thank you!


Karen, Hannah & Richard

Archie’s Story

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