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Robbie Williams and Giggs

Robbie Williams and Giggs

Robbie Williams and Giggs.

Robbie Williams and Giggs. Robbie Williams and his wife Ayda Field reported in The Sun that their beloved pet turtle Rooney is grieving after the sudden loss her sister Giggs. The pet loving family, who have three dogs and a cat, have called in an aquatic specialist who has diagnosed Rooney with clinical depression.

Pets Mourning

Although this has been treated with a light touch by some of the media it is a serious impact of pet loss. When a pet dies it has an impact on the entire household. And that includes the other pets.

The animal specialist has advised the couple to get another turtle to keep Rooney company as she has ‘bereavement-inflicted depression’.

The couple said:

“We just want Rooney to smile again, and can’t wait for her to meet her new companion.”

They called in a specialist when Rooney hadn’t moved in three weeks and hadn’t been eating very well.

Giggs and Rooney.

The couple were given the two turtles a couple of years previously as a Christmas Gift, and whilst I would never advocate giving a pet as a present, Robbie Williams and his household were clearly devoted to the pair. They were named after Robbie’s favourite football players despite being sisters.

Helping family pet cope with pet grief

When a pet dies it is vital to remember that other pets will also be grieving. They will also be struggling to get used to the absence of their pal. And because they’re unable to vocalise that loss you must take care to check for any behavioural changes. Just like Rooney, keep an eye on food intake and loss of mobility. Sometimes a shy pet can become very demanding or a normally sociable pet can become withdrawn.

It can be a good idea to let the remaining household pet say ‘goodbye’ to their pal. You may want to give them a little time to accept the loss by allowing them to nuzzle the body.

Stages of Pet Grief

We all go through different stages of grief – denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance – and whilst our pets may not show any ‘bargaining’ they will show signs of anger and depression.

Whilst you may not be feeling terribly positive yourself it can be a good idea to play soothing music to lift spirits in a sad household.

Don’t forget to keep yourself nourished so that you can keep caring for your remaining pets. And if you feel ready and feel that it would be helpful you may want to get another companion . But don’t feel pressurised to do this until you are ready.

Remember  grief is the price we pay for love.

More advice about Pet Bereavement

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