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Pet Social Media Accounts: Our favourites

Pet Social Media Accounts

Pet Social Media Accounts: Our favourites

Pet Social Media Accounts. There has been a huge rise in ‘celebrity’ pets.  From pets owned by celebrities to pets who, through social media, are now celebrities in their own right, with all the trappings. They are taking to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook! With brand endorsements, modelling contracts and social media followers the life of a celebrity pet is a busy one. For a little bit of fun we’ve listed our top five accounts, and the rationale for choosing – the cutest picture, simples!!!!

  1. @olivebeckham23 the Beckhams’ pet cocker spaniel
  2. @audrey_versacw, Donatella’s very cute puppy
  3. @cecildelevigne Cala Delevigne’s bunny rabbit
  4. @normieandbambeijenner the Jenner’s puppy, would be rude not to really.
  5. @arinanagrande just loving the photos of Sirius Black and Cinnamon Grande

Let us know which one is your favourite and we’ll send you a 10% discount voucher code.

Pet Social Media
Pet Social Media Accounts – Olive Beckham


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