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Murdered Dog. Salma Hayek and Mozart

Murdered Dog - Selma Hayek and Mozart

Murdered Dog. Salma Hayek and Mozart

Murdered Dog. Salma Hayek and Mozart. Who would murder a dog? A complete coward that’s who!

Salma Hayek is in mourning after her beloved shepherd mix dog Mozart was shot at her ranch. She has posted an appeal on Instagram asking the Washington State authorities to find the person responsible.

“I haven’t posted for a week as I been mourning the death of my dog, Mozart, who I personally delivered out of his mother’s womb,” wrote the 49-year-old Mexican-American film actress. “He was found dead in my ranch last Friday with a shot close to his heart.” You can see the rest of the post here.

According to the CNN report Hayek has a passion for animals, and her sprawling ranch and property serve as a sanctuary of sorts for several rescue dogs, who along with chickens, cats, horses and alpacas, call her ranch home.

The former model and guest-star on the NBC comedy series 30 Rock always encourages her fans to reach out to animal shelters to adopt pets. Over the holidays, she shared a photo of Lupe, her oldest rescue dog.

“I rescued my Mexican street dog #lupe 15 years ago and she’s been my #bff and my greatest companion,” she wrote on Instagram. “What a better way to show someone your love. You save a dog, save some money haha but you might also be saving the person you are giving it to. Like my #lupe saved me.”

As the actress’s sad news makes its way through social media, thousands have posted well wishes to Hayek’s Instagram page and whilst it is such an awful story it is good to see just how many people are out there supporting those of us who have lost a beloved pet.

We have posted our best wishes on her account but would encourage everyone to add their wishes and their support to anyone who has lost a pet, help them deal with their shock and support them in their time of grief.

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