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Lacey Turner and Reggie the French Bulldog

Lacey Turner and Reggie

Lacey Turner and Reggie the French Bulldog

Lacey Turner and Reggie the French Bulldog. The actress who plays Stacey Fowler in the BBC Soap Opera EastEnders, has announced the death of her dog Reggie on Instagram.

Tributes to Reggie

She shared a series of pictures captioned with touching memories of the little guy, who loved a chair but absolutely loathed being forced to bathe.

My little Winkie!! Oh how you loved a chair. And to lay with your fav person. And bro. ‘You loved a bacon sandwich. But never loved a bath.

‘Reg our hearts are broken. How lucky we were to have you. Your truly were special in every way. Sleep tight our lovely boy and thank you for being you.’ Poor little lad, but he certainly had a well-loved life.

Lacey Turner and her dogs.

Lacey is an actress who is famous for playing the role of one of the Slater sisters in Eastenders. She has lots of followers on her Instagram account and often posts pictures of her dogs.She also has a Chocolate Labrador called Dexter and a Cockapoo called Hudson who first appeared on her account in January 2017.

Reg was a French Bulldog and although there are many pictures on him on the stars account, there are few details. He first appears in 2015 possibly as a birthday present. Although we don’t know his exact age it might be fair to say he was about four years old. We also don’t know what was the cause of his death.

French Bulldog Health Problems.

French Bulldogs are nice-tempered dogs however they are deliberately bred with structural deformities that detract from the dog’s quality of life. They often have trouble breathing. You need to protect them from heatstroke and if you have a hot summer get hot, you will need to make sure home needs is air-conditioned.

Along with respiratory disorders, Frenchies also suffer from spinal disorders, eye diseases, heart disease, and joint diseases. Therefore it is difficult to know actually caused Reggie to pass over to the Rainbow Bridge.

Bereavement with young pets

It can be very hard to deal with the loss of any pet but I found it particularly distressing when we lost our British Shorthair April when she was just two years old. Although you haven’t spent as long with them, it does feel as though you are robbed of their companionship too early. They haven’t had a chance to live a full life and that can make the bereavement tough.

For more advice about pet bereavement you can see my guide here.

You can also sign up for our 12 Step Pet Bereavement Guide here.



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