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Katie Price and Sparkle – More heartbreak from pet loss

Katie Price and Sparkle

Katie Price and Sparkle – celebrity loses another dog

Katie Price and Sparkle. Should this celebrity have pets? After losing 3 pets in 3 years is it time that this celebrity gave up having animals in her home?

I wrote a while ago about Katie Price when her beautiful dog Queenie was the victim of a hit and run just outside her home, I was raising the issue of the need to report the death of a dog. The fact that you don’t have to do this for any other animal still saddens me greatly.

But I read last week that her dog Sparkle had also been hit by a car and had very sadly passed away. According to The Mirror, Sparkle, her Alsatian escaped from the home and was hit by a car on a busy nearby road.

Having a pet run over.

I can really feel for Katie as our beloved cat April was hit by a car and in our case they didn’t stop to report it. So not only are was I grieving but I also found it hard to get past the anger of someone not bothering to stop and have the decency to report it.

However this is now Katie’s third pet in 3 years. Her German Shepherd Queenie was hit by a pizza delivery driver and one of her horses was also hit on the busy road when it escaped from a field.

The troubled star has come off social media following responses to her announcing Sparkle’s death. And in the light of Caroline Flack’s suicide I an extremely mindful of being critical of anyone in the public eye. It would be very easy to criticize others when the only information I have comes from an article in the tabloids.

Creating safe spaces for our beloved pets

However for me it does raise the issue of not being able to create a safe environment for our pets. Following the death of our April I was extremely nervous of getting more cats as we live next to a road. Admittedly it’s not a busy road and we are in the heart of rural Devon but it is a risk. Pumpkin is pretty much a house cat and Midnight is extremely road aware but you can’t help but worry.

Was I right to get more cats? I just couldn’t bear living in a house without them. I believe my girls make our house a home. So how could I blame anyone for not wanting to have more pets? But what if you can’t keep them safe? Is there a point when you have to either change the type of pets you have or stop having them altogether?

I’d really like to hear your views….

You can read the full Mirror article here

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