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Gordon Ramsay and Rump

Gordon Ramsey and Rump

Gordon Ramsay and Rump

Gordon Ramsay and Rump. Gordon’s youngest daughter announced the death of their family dog, Rump on Instagram last week. She posted a picture of her when she was younger and Rump was a puppy and said:

“Will miss you forever rump Thanks for being the best dog ever, love you always x”

The family Bulldog, called Rumpole, left behind the family as well as Bruno a cocker spaniel. Bruno has a reputation for being lively, not that surprising isn’t that why we love spaniels? I’m sure the Ramsay family will be acutely aware of how important it will be over the coming months to look after Bruno as well as themselves whilst grieving for the gorgeous Rump.

Gordon Ramsey and Family

Ramsay is a big lover of dogs and his pets often pop up on his social media accounts. He also introduced dog-friendly dining in his London restaurants. Dogs are welcome in the Battersea, Chelsea, Camden & Limehouse restaurants, you can find out more here. Not only are the dogs welcome but are given water at dog-friendly tables.

We’re lucky here in Devon, dogs are welcome in lots of cafes and restaurants but you can find lots of really helpful regional information on the Dog Friendly website.

Adopted Dogs

The family adopted Rump from the Beckhams, they are good friends apparently.  When Matilda Ramsay posted on instagram Romeo Beckham responded with:

“Most amazing dog,”

Victoria Beckham gave Rumpole to husband David Beckham for Christmas in 2009. Although David loved the present he felt he couldn’t look after the bulldog whilst he was in Italy so Gordon offered to adopt the pup into his own family.

It just goes to show that even the Beckhams get Christmas gifts wrong, and I have to also state my personal belief that you shouldn’t give a pet as a present unless the recipient is fully aware that the gift is coming and that it is definitely wanted. Just as well they have good friends that can step into the breach and give Rump such a wonderful home and life. RIP Rump

Pet Bereavement

If you are struggling with the loss of of a pet we have lots of advice that might help you on this difficult journey, you can find it here

You can also sign up for our FREE pet bereavement guide here.

You can read the full article here 


Take care and look after yourself

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