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National Terrier Day

National Terrier Day - My Pet's Ashes


National Terrier Day 27th March. This week we are celebrating National Terrier Day. In honour of all the beautiful Terriers past and present who have brought so much love, protection and affection into our lives and homes. So here’s to all those Boston Terriers, Border Terriers, Fox Terriers, Welsh Terriers, Norfolk Terriers, Scottish Terriers, Tibetan Terriers, Yorkshire Terriers, Cairn Terriers….have I missed any???

Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier - National Terrier Day

I’m showcasing Bobbie the beautiful Boston Terrier. Did you know that it was breeders from Liverpool in the UK who emigrated to New England in the USA who first developed this rather special breed? They took with them their knowledge of bulldogs and terriers which were popular in northern towns and managed to cross an English White Terrier with a Bulldog. The first Boston puppy was called Hooper’s Judge. By the 1950s it was the most popular breed in America and is now in the top 50 of popular breeds here in the UK.

Border Terrier

Border Terrier - National Terrier Day


Border Terriers are one of the most laid-back breeds of the Terrier family. They do, like most smaller dogs, have a lot of energy and will happily go with you wherever you are going. And yes, like lots of terriers they love to chew but my Mabel is a Schnoodle and she has chewed soooo much! Doesn’t stop the love though and I am now very careful about where I put my slippers – lol!

Fox Terrier

Fox Terrier - National Terrier Day


This gorgeous playful terriers love to explore and, as their name suggests, love to chase. Anyone who has had to make a mad dash with the lead will totally understand! Originally they would flush foxes out of their hiding places on foxhunts but most of us just love them as faithful family members. As they live in the moment they are a wonderful reminder to live each day as it comes and extract the joy from every moment.

Welsh Terrier

Welsh Terrier - National Terrier Day


We love our Welshi’s for their unbridled joy. They are intelligent and are great playmates for all the family. And because they love the exercise they get us out every day, no matter the weather. We have to celebrate their independent spirit even if it did mean a lot of training. All your hard work pays off when after a lovely long walk they curl up next to you and focus their attention on you.


Norfolk Terrier

Norfolk Terrier - National Terrier Day


Such loyal souls! So cute and cuddly and so very versatile. They adapt quickly to your home and way of life. Like most terriers they have bags of energy but are so warm and friendly. And like many terriers their hunting instincts will kick and they love to chase.  But isn’t it that same energy that makes them so adorable? And I think dogs know what’s best for us and daily exercise is a good thing for all who are capable.

Scottish Terrier

Scottish Terrier - National Terrier Day


Probably the most iconic of all the terrier breeds and from talking to people also the most stubborn! So intelligent and sensitive. I just love how serious they look, it’s like they’re saying ‘seriously, are you going to do that?’!!! Like most terriers they make great guard dogs as they are fiercely protective of their family and home. And who doesn’t remember with fondness the wonderful Jock from Lady & the Tramp?

Tibetan Terrier

Tibetan Terrier - National Terrier Day


This bundle of gorgeous fun is such the most treasured companion. Yes they are high maintenance but if you’ve ever had one I bet you quite enjoyed the grooming as they look so amazingly attractive. They were originally bred in Tibet to be the companions of holy men. They are thought to bring good luck so they were never sold but only given as gifts. And what a gift they are!

Yorkshire Terrier


The feistiest of the terriers! And we love our Yorkies for it! Truly independent minded and highly intelligent they strut rather than walk. And why not, they deserve all the adoration that is showered on them. And yes they might bark at the postie but they are as soft as putty with their family.

Cairn Terrier



Cairn Terrier - National Terrier Day


The Cairn Terrier was developed on the Isle of Skye to help farmers with vermin. And they still love to chase squirrels, like most terriers. They love to be with you and hate it when you’re gone, which is exactly the same as we feel. They are brilliant with kids and are so patient even with the most boisterous of children. And we all know the most famous Cairn Terrier…Toto from The Wizard of Oz. The dog was actually a female called Terry. An did you know she was paid $125 a week for her acting role?

Pet Bereavement Advice on National Terriers Day

We love our terriers and on the National Terriers Day I send all you who are living with their loss every day my love and support. If you need any help we’re here to do whatever we can.

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