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Last minute Christmas gifts

Last minute xmas gifts - paws

There’s still time for those last minute Christmas gifts.

You can show them that you understand and that you haven’t forgotten that they might be struggling this year. If it’s the first year without their pet make sure you ask them how much they want to be involved in the festivities. Some people want to be very busy so that they don’t have to stop and think. And that is okay. Some people want to withdraw and not be around lots of people celebrating. And that is okay too. The important thing is to ask them what tey want to do and support them in that choice.

Pet Loss at Christmas

Christmas can be a very difficult time if you have lost your pet. There is a pet-sized hole in the centre of all the festivities. You can read my article on Coping with Pet Bereavement at Christmas or Pet Bereavement at Christmas if you are wondering how you are going to get through this year.

But if it’s a friend or family member who is coping with their loss this year there are lots of practical things that you can do to help.

You could offer to do something with them that helps them think about their pet, they might want to visit the place where they buried or scattered their ashes for example. They might decline the offer but they will appreciate that you took the time and consideration to ask.

Even the most mild-mannered individuals can turn into complete automatons at Yuletide so you could offer your support if your friend wants to be flexible about attending various events. Be their ally if they want one.

If they become emotional let them cry, grief is the price we pay for love and it can be very painful. If they need to talk about their memories, let them.

Try and make sure they get out into the fresh air, getting outside is really good for coping with bereavement. Get them out on a walk, talking whilst walking is so much easier.

I know it’s not an ideal time of the year to be harping on about healthy eating but eating lots of buttery mince pies and drinking too much will only make us feel down when the sugar subsides. Try and get them to have a bowl of spicy noodles or a plate packed with gorgeous veg. And remember that alcohol is a depressant. It will bring you down.

Christmas Sympathy Gifts

And you don’t need to spend a penny, a homemade card and a visit – if that’s possible this year – will suffice. Just acknowledging the loss will really help. And if they feel like talking about their pet try and let them remember the good times.

And we have loads of high quality, reasonably priced gifts that can be sent. We’ll wrap them and add a personalised message too. One of our beautifully hand-painted Cloisonné candles or hearts will be cherished forever. You can even have a name engraved onto a wooden heart. Jewellery is another big favourite. Our Silver Pendant range each come with a sealing kit so that they can keep a token amount of their pet with them always.

And please, please, please don’t ‘gift’ them another pet. Only they will know when they’re ready

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