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Chelsea Flower Show Memorial Gardens 2023

Chelsea Flower Show Memorial Gardens

Chelsea Flower Show

Chelsea Flower Show Memorial Gardens. There are two Chelsea Flower Show Memorial Gardens this year. The Royal Tribute Garden and The Transcendence Garden.

Grief Garden at Chelsea Flower Show

The Transcendence Garden designed by Gavin McWilliam and Andrew Wilson. This is the garden I’ve wanted to see the most at Chelsea. I love the way that the design is trying to lift our spirits to the sky using the height of the trees.
The Transcendence garden reflects that that path is not always clear, that there are moments of moving into the unknown. You can see the full description on the Royal Horticultural Society’s (RHS) website Memoria & GreenAcres Transcendence Garden.

Royal Memorial Garden at Chelsea

The RHS have created The Royal Tribute Garden to do two jobs. To honour the passing of the late Queen Elizabeth II. And to celebrate the coronation of King Charles III. The garden has an English larch curved bench. The flower scheme has pink and white flowers for the late queen. The blue and purple flowers are for the present king.

Chelsea Flower Show Samaritans’ Listening Garden

The Samaritans’ Listening Garden is:
‘inspired by stories of people who found the courage to reach out to Samaritans in their darkest times.’
The front of the garden is dark with spiny plants. It opens out into a calmer and more hopeful space. There are seats placed throughout the garden. They remind us that it is important to talk to someone when we are feeling low. You can read more about it here.

Pet Memorial Gardens

End of life and the celebration of that life is central to everything that we do here at My Pet’s Ashes. My aim is simply to support you in whatever way I can to help you find a way to accept and be at peace with the loss of you pet. What these memorial gardens at Chelsea show us is ways to think about transforming our outdoor space into a place where we can celebrate the lives of our pets. 
We have a wide range of pet garden urns that can be central feature in your garden or just a simple favourite spot where you can reflect on the joy and the love your pet brought to you. And if you want any advice about creating your own pet memorial garden please get in touch, I’d love to help.

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