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What to do if my pet dies and I want them to be cremated

What to do if my pet dies

What to do if my pet dies. When a faithful family friend passes away as well as dealing with their loss you will need to make some decisions quite quickly. If you want to have your beloved pet cremated then you will need to either let your vet know and they can help guide you through that process, or you can contact a pet crematorium yourself and arrange for a cremation, many offer an out of hours phone number. As pet crematoriums are privately run there can be a range in the type, the standard and the price of services provided so it is worthwhile checking out their websites and literature before making a decision.

#mypetshes faithful family friend
Faithful Family Friend

Once you have made a decision you will need to either ask your vet to make the arrangements for transporting your pet or you can speak to the crematorium and either arrange for them to pick up your pet or for a time for you to bring the pet to them, whatever you feel is best for you and your family.

Most crematoria offer individual cremation and many of them allow you to attend the cremation if you wish.

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