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Burying Pets Ashes in the Garden

Burying Pets Ashes or scattering them in your garden is totally legal as long as you own the property, the issue of whether it is environmentally hazardous won’t arise as your pet has been cremated.

There are few issues to consider:

Whereabouts in the garden?

A favourite resting spot in the sunshine is a popular choice as well as somewhere that can be seen from a kitchen or lounge window.

Do make sure that there aren’t any utilities, pipework or cables where you are burying and that it is somewhere that won’t be dug up, sometimes places close to the house can be more problematic.

Do I need an urn or casket?

What do you want to do with the ashes in the future? Do you want the ashes of your pet returned to the soil?
If the answer is yes then you could choose a biodegradable urn that will break down naturally over time. You may not need an urn at all.  You can always have a marker to show the last resting place.

If you want to keep the ashes and think you might move house at some point then you might want to consider a waterproof urn with a marker so that you can dig it up if you need to.

Burial Urns

What type of burial urn you choose will depend on the amount of ashes you want to bury and design. We have lots of 100% biodegradable urns that you can bury and will break down gradually into the soil. For our full range see here – Pet Burial Urns

Burying pet ashes

If you are using a non-degradable urn it is advisable to dig a hole deeper than 2 feet+ (to minimise the chance of disturbance). If you want the ashes to breakdown in the soil you will need to bury the ashes nearer to the surface where more biological activity takes place.

Marking the spot

The last point to think about is marking the spot. A stone, plaque, shrub or a tree can be good options. A tree or shrub is more discreet BUT you will need to consider its proximity to walls, services and neighbours, as it might be distressing if you have to move or restrict the tree should a problem arise.

Shrubs and trees can be very comforting to nurture and look at during the changing seasons. Giving you a focus for thinking about all the good times you had together.

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