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Welcome to My Pet's Ashes.

Losing a pet is really tough. The shock and the pain can be very difficult to deal with. When I lost my beloved April I was so surprised by my feelings, the grief, having to tell my three boys. But good things can come from bad. I've researched pet loss extensively and have written advice that I would have found useful and which I hope will help you on your pet bereavement journey. It is a journey and it's very personal to you and your pet. You can find advice and help here

We are passionate about helping you to celebrate the life of your beloved pet.  However you choose to do it. You can scatter their ashes in a special spot in the garden or on their favourite walk. We have beautiful urns that will look amazing in your home or you might prefer to keep them close with a memorial jewellery piece.We've got lots of advice about

Whatever you decide to do to cherish the memory of your beloved pet we'll help you all the way. Call us on 01626 798198 and speaks to someone that understands and really cares.

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