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When you lose a beloved pet it can be like losing a member of the family, the shock and the pain can be difficult to deal with. That's why we've written lots of advice about pet bereavement which we hope you find helpful.

We're passionate about helping you to celebrate the life of your beloved pet, whether you choose to scatter their ashes in a favourite spot in the garden or bury them in a remembrance garden, let us help you. We've got lots of advice about cherishing the memory of your beloved pet in a way that is special for you and them.

Whatever you decide to do with their ashes we can help you to feel confidant in that decision,

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Pet Cremation Jewellery

Pet Cremation Jewellery We work with some of the South West's best jewellers to create stunning memorial jewellery that will hold your pet's ashes securely so that they will be with you whenever you need them. You can have their ashes put into glass and made into a beautiful pendant, ring, bracelet, cufflinks or charm beads. You can also have the ashes enclosed in silver ring or pendant with gorgeous engravings. We have a fabulous range of 925 Silver and 22ct Vermeil Gold necklaces and bracelets that will hold your beloved pet's ashes, each one comes with a kit so that you can seal the ashes securely inside the hollow memorial charm. For more information about what type of jewellery will be right for you read our article here
Pet Crematorium

Pet Crematorium – Good Experience or Bad? We want your views please

Pet Crematorium. We want to know what you think, did you have a good experience? Was your service good value for money? Were you given all the information and guidance you needed? Follow this link  for our Pet Crematorium Survey there are only 10 questions so it will only take 2 minutes.
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